Quads are characterized today by a tube frame chassis, mid-engine, and rear or four-wheel drive. They utilize
The Quad (or ATV—all-terrain vehicle) was created as a more stable 4 wheel version of the original ATC (All-terrain cycle) or trike three-wheeler. It is a bike-type off-road machine that has been used primarily in off-road dirt-type racing. It has also been used in the oval dirt and in paved track racing and fits, despite its handlebar controls and saddle seat, the definition a small race car.treaded, knobby, and even slick type tires mounted to an independent front and swingarm solid-axle rear suspension (usually). For off-road racing, the suspension is long-travel to enables the vehicle to travel over very rough terrain and jumps. For oval or pavement type racing the suspension has less travel and the chassis is lowered.
Racing events are held on a desert, wooded, and other natural terrains as well as dirt ovals and paved tracks. Racing is held in many parts of the world.


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