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Teambuilding is more than just a day out of the office. A good team building event will give your employees and team members a worthwhile day of practical exercises, problem solving and fun activities. The result will be a stronger team with refreshed links and relationships that can and should directly affect and improve your team dynamics and hopefully, results.

A good teambuilding event can rejuvenate a company's staff and employees, offer rewards for achievement and give the business valuable information on the employees' skills and strengths. The key to a successful teambuilding event is to match your day with your business' objectives - and that's where we come in! 

Team Bonding Activities-:

Team bonding events help to get your team mixing, socialising and working together in an informal and different environment.Changing the dynamic of a team can have really interesting and useful results. Our team bonding events aim to excite and educate as well as get large companies' teams mixing and socialising with other teams in their business. This works especially well if they're usually working in separate departments or groups day-to-day.

'Ready to Go' packages include -

1. Rise & Shine - half-day team challenge.

2. Challenge & Champion - get working together.

3. Speed & Safari - adrenaline driving activities.

4. Lead & Succeed - half-day leadership development session.

5. Tradition & Targets- classic country pursuits

Lighthearted and Fun Team Events -:

Get your team together for a fun, lighthearted and unusual activity day.Not all teambuilding events have to have a purpose. Our fun team events are designed to reward employees and show them a good time. A happy rewarded workforce is often a more productive one!

Favourite activities include-

1. Mixed Activity Events.

 2. Clay Pigeon Shooting.

3. Treasure Hunts .

4. 4x4 Safari .

5. Ready Made Activity Packages.

6. Paintball.

Team Development Events -:

We've been running outdoor team building events in Warwickshire since 1990. We find the great outdoors to be a real winner when it comes to your team's enjoyment and success.Team development events can be structured and designed to encourage teamwork, leadership, communications, innovation, decision making and delegation.

Options to encourage, develop and promote-

1. Teamwork - small teams working together

2. Communications - games to improve your team's comms .

3. Leadership - events to encourage leadership .

4. Decision making - find the decision makers .

5. Problem solving - work together on problems/tasks .

6. Motivation - get your team energised and working




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